The Backstory

"It's fine." 

A simple phrase that started becoming frequently used between a girl and her brother.  

Life changes are difficult. Moving out on your own for the first time. Going through college. Starting your first corporate job. Or doing all of those things at once - talk about anxiety. That's what we were going through, on top of other millennial madness. Relationship issues, family drama, financial trouble, discovering ourselves, emotional instability - the list goes on. Thankfully, we had each other, and we still do.  

After countless texts, snapchats, phone calls beginning with "don't tell mom...", or long conversations that ended with "i love you no matter what" - one solid message stuck in our minds - everything is fine, and the world is not ending, no matter how much it seems like it is. 

Having a support system gives you that extra push that you need to get out of bed in the morning, and that's what we are to each other. It helps you realize that you are strong, you are loved, and everything is going to be okay. And you keep going. 

2 words, 1 giant message - you've got this, and i've got you. 

That's what our message is. It's a push at the end of a rough week to help you keep going. It's a helping hand when you've fallen into a dark place in your life. It's a friend. 

Shit happens, but we're here to tell you that, at the end of the day, it's fine.


brb! creative process in session!