What am I doing?

Well, I'm not exactly sure, and that's okay! I'm a twenty-something year old introvert living in Memphis, TN, trying to figure out what to do with my life.

When I'm not busy selling my soul to Corporate America, I enjoy modeling, traveling, dancing bachata, eating (so much), drinking coffee, and spending time with my dog and 3 cats. 

The purpose of this site is to have all of my creative outlets in one place. My hope is that this process will help me figure out what I'm passionate about, and maybe even turn that passion into a career. If all else fails, at least I'll have a pretty website. 

Modeling Info:

Portfolio can be found on the "Modeling" tab.

Height : 5'4"

Contact me for rates.

MM# 4465176 *no longer active*

*TFP accepted depending on the project. 

**I will almost always bring someone with me to a photoshoot, especially if it's my first time working with you.